Stage Magic/Stand-Up Magic Show

     Expect lots of laughs and gasps of amazement during Jim Lenz's comedy magic show. Jim utilizes sleight of hand, props, psychology, science and technology, jokes and one-liners to perform one of the more unusual and entertaining shows you will experience!

     This show is a more formal type of show involving a seated audience. Instead of a silent act, the show often requires the assistance of members of the audience. Your guests will experience the art of the impossible together... which in turn creates a special set of group dynamics that only this magical experience can deliver.

      While performing for diverse groups, Jim Lenz still manages to create an experience that is special and unique for each audience. He performs for corporate parties, family celebrations, restaurants, sports organizations, fairs and festivals, schools, and many other venues. He looks forward to performing for your event!

                     Jim Lenz performs magic shows for three general groups; 

         -adults                     -mixed audiences (all ages)                        -children

     Adult shows are filled with sleight of hand, comedy, illusions, and lots of mind reading effects! Shows for mixed ages are filled with comedy, funny props and stunts, a visit by Rocky the Raccoon, sleight of hand, levitation of an audience member, and some really funny mind reading routines! Kids shows are big on color, funny and unusual looking props, sleight of hand, levitating an audience member in the air, comedy, and illusions.

     All shows involve audience participation which makes this form of entertainment funny, full of surprises, engaging, and memorable!

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