Jim Lenz performs several science demonstrations to reporters at a press conference in Singapore, Asia. Here he demonstrates how to make ice cream using a fire extinguisher …just prior to the start of the 2011 Singapore Science Festival.

Mission Statement

    To inspire, educate, and entertain those who attend one of his many science shows and workshops. Jim Lenz is a certified science teacher who actively shares the wonders of science both in and out of the science classroom. 

     Science entertainer, Jim Lenz, is a Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction recipient. He has performed his traveling science shows at fairs, festivals, vacation resorts, museums, school, libraries, and homes throughout the planet. Recently, he performed eight shows for the 2011 SINGAPORE SCIENCE FESTIVAL in Singapore, Asia (a 26,000 mile round trip from his home in Green Bay, WI USA). In 2013, he will produce two shows for the EINSTEIN SCIENCE EXPO.

     Jim has blended his 15 years of experience as a professional magician together with his 16 years of experience as professional science educator to produce quality science shows and programs that clients can laugh at, be amazed, and see all the fun there is into learning science.

     Jim is based out of the Green Bay, Wisconsin USA area. He travels worldwide to provide shows and programs for you.


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